Your older home needs special treatment—from experts who understand how your home was built, and how to integrate any new techniques or materials with the old. Your home was built to last, so your repairs and improvements must be built to last too—by experts who take things apart with care and put them back together with comparable or better integrity.

Most important, you need special treatment—from those who understand and respect your lifestyle, and know how to fit into it comfortably.

No need to worry any longer about the little things around the house that never seem to get done because you can’t find someone to do them. Ways we can improve your home include:

  • Repairing doors and windows
  • Unclogging downspouts
  • Patching walls
  • Tracking down leaks
  • Repairing leaks
  • Installing doors and windows
  • Repairing deck rot
  • Fixing leaky faucets
  • Installing appliances
  • Creating wildlife barricades
  • Building bookshelves
  • Repairing roofs
  • Installing kitchen countertops
  • Repairing ceramic tile
  • Building window seats
  • Recaulking a bathtub
  • Hanging towel racks or cabinets
  • Installing fans and light fixtures
  • Repairing exterior trim

Or anything else you can think of!

As you get to know us on small jobs, you'll discover the Super difference: our dedication to your comfort and satisfaction.

  • We do quality work for quality homes.
  • We doggedly track down problems.
  • We devise durable, cost-effective solutions.
  • We do the job right the first time.
  • We stand behind our work.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction at no extra cost.

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