About Super Home Repair

If yours is like most of the homes in the Cambridge area, it was built quite a while ago, and built to last. But nothing lasts forever, so you’re probably plagued with a few little things—maybe more than a few—that you’d like to have fixed to protect your home’s value or upgraded to make your life more comfortable.

But you’ve been putting off fixing things for a good reason. Who can you trust with your home, and maybe more important, your living space? If you’re like many of your neighbors, you work at least part time in your home office, and need your surroundings to be orderly. If you have children at home, you certainly don’t need any more challenges or chaos.

Repairs and remodels can be disruptive, even stressful. Handymen are almost impossible to get and many times their work is not satisfactory. This is usually because the average freelance handyman is trying to run a small business while he is fixing your leaky faucet. No wonder he is likely to be hasty and scattered!

Your older home needs special treatment—from experts who understand how your home was built, and how to integrate any new techniques or materials with the old. Your home was built to last, so your repairs and improvements must be built to last too—by experts who take things apart with care and put them back together with comparable or better integrity.

Most important, you need special treatment—from those who understand and respect your lifestyle, and know how to fit into it comfortably.

Super Home Repair is your partner in caring for your very special Cambridge-area home. You may not recognize us as your partner at first, because “The Super” seems like a handyman service—and indeed, no job is too small for our attention! But as you get to know us on small jobs, you’ll discover the difference: our dedication to your comfort and satisfaction.

  • We do quality work for quality homes.
  • We doggedly track down problems.
  • We devise durable, cost-effective solutions.
  • We do the job right the first time.
  • We stand behind our work.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction at no extra cost.

Those who hire us for these reasons are in for a surprise: the way we do our work.

  • We fit into your lifestyle.
  • We’re easy to reach.
  • We come when we say we will.
  • We minimize disruptions.
  • We clean up every night.
  • We don’t leave until the job is done.

Ask your neighbors: they’ll tell you about the wonderful attitude of our crew, an attitude that creates rapport and harmony instead of stress.

It’s no surprise then, that our partnerships often grow from simple repairs to full remodeling projects. In renovation, our style is to do one room at a time. This gives us the flexibility to interact with you and discover what you really want for a room. It’s less disruptive overall and you don’t have to move out. Because we guarantee your satisfaction, you can be sure our partnership will still be friendly by the time your renovations are complete. We’re very proud of this silly statistic: no couple has ever divorced during our renovations!

Whether your project is large or small, you can be sure you will have the full attention of our crew. Unlike the freelance handyman, our crews are never distracted—our support team handles all the business details. This means that all our craftsmen have to do is show up and do excellent work, which they enjoy.

Our workers are able tradesmen whose standards demand high quality and attention to detail. All have many years of experience perfecting the various skills required for your job. They’re respectful, quiet and trustworthy—an easy presence in your home. And as part of Super Home Repair (we’ve been serving the Cambridge area for over twelve years), they’re fully licensed and insured.

So what dreams and desires have you been putting off? The end of that annoying little leak in the basement? New bookshelves for your office? New countertops in the kitchen? A whole new bathroom?

With Super Home Repair to take the worry and stress out of home improvement, you can be enjoying the new comforts you deserve even sooner than you think. Please click to set up a complimentary consultation and free estimate, or call 617-491-1991.